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Banned Cartoons

Contraversial Animation from the Golden Ages Through Today

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animation, cartoons, contraversy, banned cartoons
A Community dedicated to banned, censored, or contraversial cartoons- due to being politicaly incorrect, outdated, offensive, racist, political, etc. Dedicated to the cartoons of the golden age (1920s-1950s) but also inclusive of modern day cartoons that have also been censored, banned, or contraversial

And also do keep in mind, that the purpose of this community is not to belittle anyone based on race, color, creed, sex or etc., nor is it to promote any racist or sexist agenda, but simply to discuss, of course, cartoons and animation. Some of the subject matter discussed will be of a mature nature and may end up offending people, so do stand warned.

Rules are relaxed here, but the big one (outside of livejournal policy) are that sexualy explicit material MUST be placed behind a LJ-Cut. Strike one gets the post deleted, and strike two results in being banned. This is the warning.

created by evidux
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