Happy Five Year Anniversary!

it was about 5 years ago I started this LJ community... it may not be the busiest place on planet LJ, but its still been a great community! Lets keep it going another five!

so to commemorate, here's the 1st cartoon I posted here, Tex Avery's All This and Rabbit Stew

A negative portrayal of black sterotypes by todays standards, but, just as Elmer Fudd was a characture of Arthur Q. Bryant, the antagonist in this short is a characture of the then-popular black commedian-character Stepin Fetchit, whose brand of comedy hasnt aged any better with the times either.

So yeah, I just see this as the 1930s version of Bugs Bunny vs. Homie the Clown, or Jules Winnfield.

but that's my take on it... what's yours?